INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP                                                                                 Reg. No. 45/1993



ISTE Professional Centre,

Gandhi Mandapam Road,


Application for Membership


1.    Name of Organisation                        :

         (in block letters)

2.    Address                                            :

3.    Name of the Executive/Prinicipal/       :
Head of the Organisation (in block letters)
with Nationality

4.    Address of the Executive Head            :

Phone(Off) :

Fax          :

Email        :


5.    Date of Establishment                        :

6.    Nature of the Organisation with brief  :
Particulars or Activities


7.    Name of Chairman/Managing Director :
Members of Board of Directors/
Governing Body

8.    Name of Librarian/Head, Information  :
Services. Library Collection

a.    No. of books including
    bound periodicals         :

b.    No. of periodicals received :

c.     Other reading material              :

d.    Total Annual Budget         :


9.    Library Staff

a.    No. of Professional staff with     

                                         i.          Degree in Library Sc.      :

                                       ii.          Diploma/Degree in
Computer Applications    :


10.         No. of Library Users-per/month, per/year :


11.         Name of the Library Software being Used:

12.         Interested in using MALIBNET services and products including:

a.    Serials Directory                                        Yes/No

b.    Contents Database                                     Yes/No

c.     On-Line Services                                        Yes/No

d.    Document Procurement Services                 Yes/No

e.    MALIBNET Card                                          Yes/No


13.   Amount(Rs.)                                                   :


14.   DD/Cheque No.    with date and bank               :                                

         We hereby apply for Institutional Membership of MALIBNET and the information given above are true to the best of our knowledge


Place:                                                                             Yours faithfully,




                                                                             (Signature with seal)



For Office Use Only


Admitted on                 :                                          Receipt No.:


Receipt Date                :                                 Membership No.  :


DD/Cheque No./Dated:                                   Amount(Rs.)       :


Card No.                      :                                 No. of Cards        :


Card type(Iindividual/Pay,Member/Pay):                  


Issued Date                 :                                          Valid Upto  :